หายใจ ไม่ออก รู้สึกเหมือนมีอะไรรัดคอ 55 มันเป็นสไตล์.
everything that the haters said and done to her , she just don’t feel anything . She just ignore all of ’em . Why Kosong(empty) ? Because she don’t feel anything about what they said about her , She keep growing days by days 🙂
This song is made for her lovely haters XD . She want to tell them that she’ll will not give up no matter what happen ! (by ZakuanFirdaus)

kosong in english is empty. feel empty when people always talk about you. keep blaming and find something wrong about you but in the end they just ignore everything and move forward. dedicated to haters. hehe 🙂 (by aidilsk8 )